Did you know that after the common cold, more people see doctors about back pain than any other ailment?​ Almost 80 percent of the worldwide population will suffer from back or neck pain at one time or another. The unfortunate reality is there is no simple cure. However, choosing the right chair at home or in your office is an easy way to start improving your health and comfort. ​When evaluating your options, ask yourself the following questions.

Will this chair:

Decrease the strain on my lower back?

Using correctly designed seating can dramatically increase comfort, attentiveness, productivity, and general well-being. The OBUS ultraFORME with Moller back support provides full spinal column support and maintains a natural lower spine configuration.

Improve my posture?

Using a non-ergonomic chair can reinforce an unhealthy C or S curve of your spine. With the OBUS ultraFORME, you can say goodbye to slumping and hello to good posture, since its lumbar support helps guide the spine into an anatomically correct position.

Promote healthy circulation?

Slowed circulation caused by poor posture may cause neck, back and hip pain, headaches, blurred vision, numbness tingling, or weakness of the hands and cold feet. To avoid these issues, it is essential to invest in an ergonomic chair. In addition to correcting the position of your shoulders and collar bones, the OBUS ultraFORME’s contoured seat evenly distributes body weight and minimizes pressure under the thighs to promote proper blood circulation.

Fit my body type?

If you are uncomfortable in a conventional-sized chair, you do not need to settle. The Obusforme Comfort XL series is specially crafted for those big and tall. There are a variety of models with extra wide chair design and extended high backs.

Allow me to recline?

Like many people, you may be looking for a chair that truly allows you to lean back and relax. For gliding and tilting options, Obusforme’s synchronized glider mechanism allows you to adjust your seat by simply turning a dial!

​Be supported by industry professionals?

The OBUSFORME® backrest support system has received an extraordinary level of support from the chiropractic community. It is the only such product endorsed by the Canadian Chiropractic Association, the Chiropractic College of Radiologists, and Québec Association of Chiropractors. Endorsements have also been received from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and the Back Association of Canada.