The IoT is literally all around us. Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft all exploit smart devices to provide advanced services to technology-addicted consumers. Those companies have this in common too: they send vital data back to centralized information hubs to improve the services they provide and to find new ways to make and save money.

The same thing is true in other IoT applications. Although people often focus on devices and smart endpoints, it's just as important to capture, contextualize, analyze, and share the data they collect.

Logistics and Supply Chain

IoT can notify an aircraft when a part will soon fail — but advanced analytics can bring the aircraft, a replacement part, and a skilled technician to the same place at the same time.

Government and Smart Cities

Sensors can measure every aspect of a city — pollutants, traffic, noise, and more — so central planners can decide how to best deploy resources and regulate requirements.

Health care

While the IoT can show the movement of equipment, patients, and medication, only centralized, advanced analytics can predict, prevent, and help prosecute fraud, theft, and inefficiencies that affect patient outcomes.


Consumers expect value-added services in almost every manufactured object. By sharing smart device data with information services, manufacturers can differentiate their products with the power of digital technology.

Information Builders provides one smart platform for integration, data quality, and analytics.

From enabling smart factories to laying the foundation for connected cars, we help companies access and integrate their IoT data with other enterprise data for more meaningful insights, ultimately creating value from IoT initiatives.

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