The weekend of September 27-29 will see hundreds of companies descend upon Toronto’s streets to experience Trend Hunter’s carefully curated Future Festival. This exciting event isn’t your typical business conference. Instead, business leaders will jump into trend safaris, explore specially crafted workshops, and discuss the 18 megatrends changing our world.

The goal is to create a truly immersive, innovative experience for companies to prepare them to harness upcoming trends.

“The average lifespan of a Fortune 500 company has fallen from 75 years, in the 1950s, to 15 years,” says Jeremy Gutsche, CEO of Trend Hunter and keynote speaker at the Future Festival. “Companies are failing to adapt. Our conference and business expertise is designed to help adapt to the future, faster.”

At the festival, innovators will go on trend safaris. They will experience some of the world's most innovative new businesses, services, and products — all while being guided by a Trend Hunter expert in the topic, according to Gutsche.

One safari that festival-goers can attend focuses on documented vanity. “You get to learn about co-creation in a 3D printing house where you will print your very own 3D selfie,” says Shelby Walsh, President and Head of Research at Trend Hunter. At the same time, companies visit an agency that leads in developing personal branding and content creation. Another safari delves into millennial entertainment through an axe-throwing activity.

As for the speakers, each is carefully chosen. “Each speakers’ content is interconnected with takeaways and follow-along material so attendees return to their desk not just inspired, but with a full toolkit of takeaways, homework exercises, and next steps,” says Gutsche.

A member of Paramount’s Creative and Business Development team attested to that, saying Future Festival was “an incredible experience that left [them] fueled and supported with new tools.”

Companies will return to their offices with plans set in place to tackle trends and innovative ideas that were created during the specially curated workshops. A Consumer Insight Specialist said their experience was “hands down the best way to experience innovation in the future.”

Each year the festival has been hosted, 87 percent of attendees left with more than ten ideas they could implement in their own corporations.

The festival is happening in the days just ahead of Nuit Blanche, so after all the innovating during the week, people can stay in Toronto to experience the city’s art scene all weekend long.

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