rom the 1909 flight of the Silver Dart on the frozen surface of Baddeck Bay, NS to astronaut Chris Hadfield commanding the International Space Station in 2013, aerospace has captured Canadians’ imaginations and fuelled the creation of a cutting edge, highly innovative, and globally integrated industry.

Canada’s aerospace industry is responsible for the employment of 211,000 Canadians in communities all across the country. The jewel in Canada’s manufacturing crown, aerospace is a national manufacturing leader when it comes to innovation, skilled labour, and trade.

From coast to coast to coast, in diverse sectors and regions, Canadian aerospace companies large and small are leading the way into the future of manufacturing.

It’s also a major player in the global industry. Canada is a world leader in niche sectors such as business aircraft, helicopter and rotorcraft, small engines, as well as simulation and training. Similarly, Canadian technology and expertise has contributed to space achievements such as the space robotics that built and maintain the International Space Station, and the creation of guidance sensors for the James Webb Telescope, the most complex and powerful telescope ever built.

Market growth and potential

Aerospace will only become more important as markets continue to open and demand for air travel increases. Over the next 20 years, passenger traffic growth is expected to exceed world GDP growth by 1.9 percent. It is estimated that nearly 40,000 new aircraft will be required to meet that demand, generating $5.9 trillion of high-value manufacturing opportunities. For Canada, with its established industry and capacity for innovation and growth, it’s an opportunity that cannot be ignored.

The stories, statistics, and companies you see highlighted in these pages are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the contributions Canadian aerospace companies make to our nation’s economy, communities, and innovation landscape. From coast to coast to coast, in diverse sectors and regions, Canadian aerospace companies large and small are leading the way into the future of manufacturing.

It is our hope that these stories will inspire new opportunities — not only for the next generation of Canadian innovators, aviators and astronauts, but also for those who work in, collaborate with, and support Canada’s aerospace industry today.



2016 Canadian Aerospace Summit (November 15-16, Ottawa)

This exclusive event brings together Canadian and international companies of all sizes, government, and academia. More than 1,100 participants–primarily C-suite executives and government officials–are expected to attend. World-class speakers from distinguished organizations, powerful networking opportunities and the largest aerospace trade show in Canada.

The 2016 Canadian Aerospace Summit offers four distinct events:

  • a Conference Program featuring renowned Canadian and international speakers;
  • a B2B & Trade Show matchmaking program connecting prime contractors with potential suppliers;
  • the Aerospace Leadership Luncheon;
  • the Annual Canadian Aerospace Reception and Dinner.

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