With many major cities across the country already adopting innovative building practices towards new and existing buildings, there is reason to believe that Canada will be amongst the leaders moving towards low energy/low carbon buildings.

The objective

Even as Canada’s green building  market has evolved considerably over the past decade, the goal behind green building has remained the same: to transform buildings, neighbourhoods and cities toward low-impact solutions; to create business opportunities for professionals, developers and manufacturers; to increase operational savings for owners; and to build healthier places in which to work, live, learn and play. 

“Green office space is in demand across Canada, leading to higher lease and occupancy rates…”

The progress on our mission to transform buildings and communities is unfolding successfully thanks to an extensive national network of practitioners, stakeholders and supporters. Collectively, our ideas, innovations and actions have led to many significant improvements in the way buildings are planned, designed, built and operated in Canada today. 

Performance matters 

From design, to construction, all the way to operations and maintenance, the right expertise and accountability must be applied at each stage in order to optimize the performance of a building. Only then can the full benefits be realized for the building owners, occupants and the environment. 

Green real estate

Building owners and business leaders from across Canada have invested in greener practices over the past decade, with a focus on realizing financial, environmental and health benefits. Certified green buildings provide a strong return on investment, from operational savings to a healthier, happier, and overall more productive workforce.

Green office space is in demand across Canada, leading to higher lease and occupancy rates, as well as better tenant attraction and retention. The workforce is changing, and healthy, environmentally responsible workplaces are high on the list for prospective employees. 

The future looks green

As we move forward, it is important to draw on past success and to continuously strive for higher levels of building performance, innovation, and wider market acceptance. As understanding of the benefits from green building increases, so should the adoption of these practices.