Did you know that Canadian electricity production is among the greenest in the world, that we have one of the highest per-capita energy consumption rates globally, or that many communities in northern Canada still rely on diesel generators for electricity?

Many people in Canada might not know these facts or believe them to be accurate, as they seem so contradictory. This is just one of the reasons why Ingenium, Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation, created Let’s Talk Energy in 2011. This national program contributes to a sustainable energy future by enhancing energy and climate change literacy using digital teaching tools, outreach, games, exhibitions, and lesson plans.

“Energy is the lifeblood of modern society, but its use is a major contributor to climate change,” says Fern Proulx, Interim CEO at Ingenium. “Let’s Talk Energy provides a much needed platform for people in Canada to explore and discuss energy issues. Through education we can create an energy future that is both sustainable and prosperous.”

With Canada’s complex, large-scale energy infrastructure, our energy future presents many challenges and opportunities. Canada can demonstrate leadership in energy innovations if it chooses to. By improving energy and climate change literacy, Let’s Talk Energy aligns education with innovation to address climate change and energy sustainability.