For more than a century, GSK has been helping to protect and improve the heath and well-being of millions of Canadians. A global leader in the areas of vaccines, respiratory health and consumer healthcare, its contribution to innovation within the life science sector in Canada is significant.

In September, GSK announced it had recently invested $36 million to modernize its manufacturing facility in Mississauga, Ontario into a world class consumer health and prescription supply site. Currently the site produces about 50 different products and exports 90 percent of it to 100 markets worldwide. The enhanced infrastructure will grow its production capacity from 30 million units a year to almost 50 million by 2020, as well as help attract key consumer health and prescription manufacturing mandates into the future.

A second manufacturing site in Ste Foy, Quebec currently produces a majority share of Canada’s seasonal influenza vaccine and is responsible for the domestic supply of Canada’s pandemic influenza vaccine requirements. GSK has invested over $200 million invested in the facility since 2007.

Performing effectively, delivering flawlessly

With more than 2,000 full-time employees and a salary injection of $225 million into the economy, the company has a wide footprint in Canada and is committed to improving Canadian healthcare and the life of patients through research and development (R&D). As part of this commitment, last year alone, GSK contributed $65 million in funding Canadian R&D.

Discovering and developing new medicines and vaccines is critical work that takes time and collaboration. Recognizing this, GSK combines its expertise and resources with academia, small and medium-sized enterprises, biotech companies, and the life sciences sector so new treatments can be developed more quickly and efficiently. A few examples of notable collaborations in recent years include:

  • Collaborating with the NEOMED Institute to create the Biologics and Vaccine Centre of Excellence in Laval, Quebec.
  • Partnering with Vancouver-based biotherapeutics company Zymeworks, to develop their bi-specific antibody platforms for oncology medicines. The company also has partnerships in Quebec with Thrasos Therapeutics, a company specializing in the development of treatments for kidney disease, and Gladius Pharmaceuticals, which develops novel antibiotics.
  • Together with innovation hubs like the Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD), MaRS Innovation, and the Quebec Consortium for Drug Development (CQDM), GSK collaborates with researchers to investigate new therapeutic targets and novel platforms for discovery and development. Through these unique collaborations, the firm has supported more than 30 early discovery or disruptive technologies.

Building trust in Canada

A key differentiator between GSK and other pharmaceutical companies can be found in how it communicates and collaborates with health care professionals. Through a series of initiatives, the company has changed how they inform and promote their products to health care professionals. GSK believes these initiatives are important to help neutralize perceptions about conflict of interest and demonstrate the shared value it has with health care professionals of acting in patients’ interests.

A testament to its focus on patients is GSK’s transparency in disclosure of payments to health care professionals. GSK is one of 10 Innovative Medicines Canada members who, for the past two years, has voluntarily agreed to publicly report annual aggregate payments made to health care professionals and health care organizations.

Another way GSK is ensuring success when it comes to improving national healthcare outcomes is through working closely with payers to understand their needs, find solutions that address budget constraints, and deliver value to patients. 

With a strategy focused on innovation, performance and trust, GSK is leading the Canadian healthcare industry into the opportunities of the future. To learn more about GSK’s research and development initiatives in Canada, visit

This article was made possible by GSK.