Mississauga has a very diverse life sciences sector with over 470 companies employing more than 24,000 people. “For life sciences companies looking to gain Canadian distribution of their products, technologies, or services, Mississauga is the best life sciences cluster to set up in within the country.” says Bonnie Brown, Director of Economic Development, City of Mississauga.

Setting up a Canadian operation in Mississauga can enable the fastest time from set-up to commercialization through the City’s established and integrated industry networks and access to talent. “Mississauga has everything a global company needs to evaluate, establish, learn, commercialize and grow in Canada,” adds Brown.
Creating an environment that fosters innovation and commercialization in the sector is a priority for Mississauga, as identified in the City’s five-year life sciences strategy, that is dedicated to the growth and prosperity of the sector.

“Our vision and focus for the strategy are to make Mississauga the life sciences commercialization hub in Canada,” says Brown. “We’ve been a long-time leader in the industry, and we want to continue our commitment.”

A foundation built for prosperity

To help guide the actions of the strategy, the City formed a Life Sciences Consortium made up of industry leaders from various life sciences subsectors.

“The Consortium is crucial for us to hear the collective voice and common vision relevant to all sectors in the life sciences industry,” Brown says.

She hopes that valuable insights from industry leaders will help shape programming at the 32 colleges and universities surrounding Mississauga. “If our goal is commercialization, we need to focus on developing skill sets in demand, such as regulatory affairs and market access, within Mississauga’s current and future workforce.”

It’s a steadily growing one — the life sciences talent pool has grown by 25 percent over the last 10 years.

“Mississauga has the best environment for businesses to learn, grow, and commercialize their innovative ideas within Canada,” Brown says. “It’s an exciting place to be."