Imagine a retail experience unlike any other, where displays from the leading running brand in Canada are innovative in both design and functionality. A retail experience that drives curiosity and motivates consumers to live an active lifestyle — this is what you’ll find at any of the 25 New Balance shop-in shops opening in Running Room retail locations across Canada.

New Balance (NB) shop-in-shops are innovating the customer retail experience. Aside from making more NB products available to consumers, they’re showcasing the products in a more engaging way within the store. “By having head-to-toe looks on the mannequins, you can tell a bigger brand story and build a better consumer retail presence than you could by having a couple of products displayed on a big footwear wall,” says Jon Purdy, Senior Marketing Manager at New Balance Canada, Inc.

Innovation through product function and design

At the core of NB’s innovation efforts are the products themselves which blend function with fashion. On the function side, durability and performance are paramount.

On the fashion side, the product design team strives to ensure the product look and colours are on trend for footwear, apparel, and accessories. “We really push the envelope with new products, weaves, and technologies because people want the latest and greatest,” says Purdy. “Whether it’s lightness infusion, water resistance, the anti-microbial wicking system, or closure system, our design team ensures that both function and style work cohesively together.”

The company’s leading mid-sole technology is Fresh Foam, a foam-based compound that was developed based on running patterns and observations of how people’s feet hit the ground. “As a platform, Fresh Foam is an innovative product that resonates both with the running community and lifestyle consumers,” says Purdy.

Also reflected in the product design and materials is the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability. NB is working to eventually create products that are completely recoverable, do not require the use of toxic substances, and have no adverse impact on the environment.

Fearlessly independent

To become the best global running brand, NB stays true to its roots in everything — defining its brand position, developing its products, and working with its retail and wholesale partners. “We’ve been fearlessly independent since 1906 when we started,” says Purdy. “It’s in everything we do.”

Check out a New Balance shop-in shop at a Running Room near you to see why independence and innovation are a match made in retail heaven.