Mediaplanet: Innovation in advanced manufacturing is a hot topic right now. Why is it so important?

Karim Omri: When creating new components, processes, or ideas there is always a set of constraints (or a box) based on current technology. Advanced manufacturing removes those constraints set by traditional manufacturing methods, and allows for virtually all types of components to be made, tested, and implemented.

This allows regional companies with great ideas to compete on a global market. Their products can be more efficient (creating less waste), allow for more accessibility, and provide the potential for greater profitability.

MP: How is advanced manufacturing and production helping Canadian businesses compete on a global stage?

KO: Canada has a very creative and innovative workforce. The added capability for Canadian workers to implement those creative ideas is what sets us apart and allows us to compete. Faster time to market can be achieved, which is crucial to success on a global stage where technology is changing so fast.

MP: What is ICAMP doing to promote the growth and strength of Canadian industry?

KO: ICAMP works directly with companies to provide them access, training, and exposure to some of the most cutting-edge pieces of technology available on the market. While doing that, the expertise of our employees can assist the companies in optimizing some of the processes to include these technologies.

MP: What makes ICAMP different from other innovation centres?

KO: ICAMP is different because it is run as a business rather than strictly a research entity. ICAMP is fully staffed with engineers, EITs, and technologists with industry experience. This allows ICAMP to provide the best service to our clients from both industry and research perspectives.