With an extensive trail system and more than 100 parks and green spaces, the Prince George area is known as a natural paradise. When mixed with the city’s business-friendly environment, the area’s natural abundance also makes it the perfect incubator for a growing and thriving bioeconomy.

Over recent decades, Prince George has developed from a mainly forest-based economy to a city driven by a strong natural resource base. The local economy is now diversified across multiple sectors, supplying a broad range of goods and services throughout the province, the country, and around the globe.

This is especially true of the bioeconomy, where companies based in Northern British Columbia like BC Biocarbon and Pacific BioEnergy are making their mark internationally. BC Biocarbon is pioneering bio-refining technology to process biomass and other waste into biogenic carbon products like biocoal, while Pacific BioEnergy is a leader in wood pellet fuel, and is exploring ways to meet growing, worldwide demand for this renewable energy source.

The University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC), which has gained international attention for its revolutionary Wood Innovation Research Lab, also offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs relevant to the bioeconomy at it’s Prince George Campus. With 3,400 students, UNBC has consistently been ranked by Maclean’s magazine as one of the top schools among Canada’s two dozen small universities. In true innovative partnership, Pacific BioEnergy contributes the wood pellets that UNBC uses to provide heat and hot water to UNBC’s student residence buildings, the UNBC Childcare Centre and I.K. Barber Enhanced Forestry Centre.

Thanks to the innovative work being done by organizations like UNBC, Pacific BioEnergy, and BC Biocarbon, much of that investment is being channelled into a thriving bioeconomy that makes Prince George one of Canada’s most exciting places to live and work.

Pacific Bioenergy Raising the Bar as Bio-Economy Leader

Shawn Bells, Vice President of Operations, Pacific BioEnergy

Pacific BioEnergy is a North American leader in the production of wood pellets, a biofuel made from sawdust, shavings, and ground forest residuals.

How a University Became the Centre of BC’s Green Economy

Dr. David Claus, Assistant Director of the Facilities Management, University of Northern British Columbia

Within Canada, the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC), is regarded as being amongst the best of the country’s two dozen small universities.

BC Biocarbon Brings Value to Discarded Parts of BC’s Forests

Simon Beller, Chief Financial Officer, BC Biocarbon

With both forestry and agriculture of strategic importance to BC Biocarbon, it’s not surprising the company chose to set up shop in British Columbia’s magnificent northern interior.