Major companies, booming industries – find out why Mississauga is leading when it comes to getting business done.

Mediaplanet: What are some of the reasons companies are moving to Mississauga for their manufacturing and business needs?

Bonnie Brown: The City of Mississauga is recognized as a top business-friendly city in North America. We are here for the small business owner and the global CEO. We compete for investment in our city so businesses have access to these resources and fuel the growth of our economy. The population is incredibly talented, with two thirds of citizens having post-secondary education, which means that companies who move here can access top talent. Being close to other major cities, the airport, and highways gives businesses access to local and global networks, all while being surrounded by a nurturing, pro-business environment.

MP: What are some of the developments the City is supporting to ensure economic development and growth?

BB: Mississauga will be home to a state-of-the-art innovation hub with the development of the National Research Council (NRC) Mississauga Research Facility that is being built in the Sheridan Science and Technology Park, adjacent to the Xerox Research Centre of Canada. The facility will become a hub for advanced materials and development in Canada and a catalyst for advanced materials innovation and commercialization. This is NRC’s first investment in the Greater Toronto Area and will create a very special opportunity for Mississauga to attract new investment and help our existing businesses grow and succeed. The facility is scheduled to open in the fall of 2019 and will be a great addition to our expanding innovation ecosystem.

To help celebrate and build awareness of business activity in Mississauga, we developed a new marketing campaign that highlights unique and innovative business stories, as told by our businesses and industry champions. This campaign will showcase Mississauga’s attributes as a global player in advancing innovation as well as its widespread impact on the Canadian economy.

MP: What role does innovation play in developing Mississauga’s business sector?

BB: Innovation is the engine of economic growth and sustainability. It allows us to attract top talent by having top educational institutions and companies driving our economic pipeline. We have companies investing in capital improvement and our booming science, engineering, and tech sector — these things are an imperative part of our strategy and ensure we remain competitive on a global scale. The opportunity is truly unlimited in Mississauga and we plan to make sure everyone knows it.