Despite the dated gender stereotypes that exist about the industry, women are increasingly breaking into the skilled trades and proving that they have what it takes to create successful and promising careers. This ever- growing and diverse industry is full of opportunity if you have the drive and natural aptitude for it. Complemented by cutting-edge training and a strong network of support systems within their local unions, women in the trades are thriving. The Sisters of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 353 are demonstrating excellence on the job site and within their communities, and are finding personal fulfillment while contributing to Canada’s future economy. Here are their stories.

Karen Pullen

Business Representative, IBEW Local 353

I am a 29-year member of the IBEW.

Susan Boorman

Director, Education & Training, IBEW Local 353

I have been in the electrical industry for 35 years, with my work being largely focused on apprenticeship, training, and education.

Alisha Kelloway

Second Term Electrical Apprentice

I’ve always been a hands-on worker and I like being capable of doing things myself.