hese investments will create good-paying jobs that help the middle class grow and prosper today, while delivering economic growth for years to come.

Canada has a proud history of building transformative projects which connected our country and laid the foundation for the prosperity of subsequent generations. Projects like the national railway and Trans-Canada Highway were central to the growth of our country as our leaders dreamed big for our country. The time to do that again is now.

Changing world

We know the world is changing. Trade is shifting to Asia and other developing regions, families are living and working in new ways, and everything is becoming more digital.

The internet is transforming how we communicate, ride sharing is changing how we move, and automation is displacing traditional jobs, skills, and resources.

To create the jobs of today and tomorrow, we need to invest in the economy of the future now.

In the coming decade, our cities should have world-class public transit to reduce traffic, because when it is easier for people to get to work on time, businesses to get their products to market, and families to take their kids to soccer practice, the whole economy benefits.

Social infrastructure

We know our communities must be cleaner and more digitally connected. We need smart cities where traffic lights can adapt to congestion to speed up traffic flow, and smart sewer systems can read leaks and minimize waste. Solar panels must line our rooftops, and our buildings must conserve more energy.

A future that benefits only a select few is unacceptable.

We live in an increasingly trade-connected world.  We must invest in the next generation of ports and airports in our cities and towns. That is the only way we will get our natural resources, manufactured goods, and services to global markets.

We must also invest in the rail lines and roads that connect our cities with our rural communities, especially in the North.

We must build an economy that works for everyone. A future that benefits only a select few is unacceptable.

We must invest in social infrastructure that extends the ladder of opportunity to all Canadians. Hard-working Canadians should have the opportunity to have a decent home to raise a family, and the ability to find affordable child care, and care in aging.

For Canada to lead on the world stage, we need to think big again. We need to work together toward building world-class cities and communities. We have already started the work, with almost 1,000 infrastructure projects — worth a total of $12.5 billion — approved since we formed Government, and I look forward to presenting our long-term vision within the coming months.