Mediaplanet: What attracted you to a STEM degree?

Katie Doe: I liked the idea of being able to use my love of math and sciences to face real-world problems and come up with solutions to help people. The industry is always growing, and the need to solve complex problems will never go away.

MP: As a female in engineering, what’s the largest challenge you face?

KD: Being able to get past all of the stereotypes surrounding female engineers is a challenge. It’s hard to be in a workplace that treats you differently because of your gender, and not by the quality of work you submit.

MP: What advice do you have for young women considering STEM?

KD: The only advice I have for young women considering STEM is to not worry about the roadblocks and follow your passion. You can succeed in this field and become such a successful person if you really want it.

MP: What does being an engineer mean to you?

KD: Being an engineer means you are taking a public responsibility to make something better. You are solving a complex problem in hopes that the solution will create a positive contribution to a company, environment, or community. An individual who is excited about helping people and being a positive change.