To Brock University graduate Regan Fitzgerald, the world of big data is limitless.

Fitzgerald, who first graduated from Brock with a degree in psychology in 2013, found her way to the MBA after working with marketing professor Antonia Mantonakis in the University’s Consumer Cognition and Perception Lab.

“I found that what I had learned in undergrad was applicable in the business world, and from there it really inspired me to take that next step in my career and pursue the MBA,” says Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald, who graduated with her MBA in 2016, saw the business analytics specialization as a way to align the analytical skills she learned in her undergraduate degree with business acumen and leadership skills and was a natural step after graduating from the psychology program.

“The business analytics specialization was the perfect fit for the statistics background and research methods training that I had,” she says. “The leadership skills and general business acumen that are developed in the MBA program complement my theoretical background really well.”

Fitzgerald, who is now working at PepsiCo Foods Canada as a consumer insights analyst, credits her career success to the experiences she had at Brock and the training she received as part of the MBA business analytics program.

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