In Canada, small business is big business. According to Statistics Canada, 87.2 percent of Canadian companies operate with fewer than 20 employees. That number rises to 95.3 percent for companies with fewer than 50 employees.

Thanks to e-commerce, the nature of small business is changing, creating broader opportunities for small firms to ship wherever their customers are located.

“You can sell more with the advent of e-commerce and online business,” says Ramsey Mansour, Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Marketing at Purolator. “You can now market your small business to pretty much anywhere around the world. But you still have to get the product there.”

Trusted relationships

Industry surveys show that, first and foremost, small business owners want trusted relationships with express couriers that understand their business and can connect the dots. Service is also crucial in terms of reliability, coverage networks, and notifications. Greater ease-of-use brings simplicity to complex logistics, helping companies to move forward with agility in meeting the needs and expectations of their customers.

Working with a trusted partner who can simplify a complex process like shipping is a boon to small businesses. For entrepreneurs, working with a courier who doesn’t have to hand packages off to a secondary party means improved security, visibility, and efficiency. In the same vein, large, established companies that combine scale with service create productivity, cost savings, and innovation — helping them to enhance the end-to-end customer experience and transform cost lines into key drivers of efficiency and sales growth.

Ship nationally, sell locally

According to Mansour, the definition of speed is getting faster, with consumers defining fast delivery as taking two days or less. Global shipping creates an opportunity for small businesses to share their products worldwide while selling with the responsiveness of a local boutique.

Purolator says small business is the fastest growing segment of its cross-border and international shipping growth. For Canadian small business owners, it’s clear that e-commerce provides a platform for them to operate as both national and global players. Businesses, no matter the size, can easily leverage a best-in-class delivery solution like Purolator to help them grow and thrive.