President of the Hotel Association of Canada, Anthony Pollard, believes location is essential for business travel success. “Recent survey results show that location is number one on the list of a business traveller’s considerations. For a business traveller there is no point in being on the other side of town from where their meeting is scheduled,” says Pollard.

With the increase of accessible technology and software over the past decade, a wireless connection has become an everyday necessity. Being able to re-create what the customer would experience if they were working from their home or their office is what hotels are trying to do.

"Staying connected is the most important thing, but right behind it is the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle."

Staying connected

A recent survey discovered that the business traveller’s wants are a mix of the traditional and the modern.

Pollard explained, “Guests want friendly service; that is one of the most important things. One of the newer requests that they have is to be able to connect their personal media devices into the TV in their room.”

President of Silver Birch Hotels & Resorts, Steve Giblin, maintains that “being constantly connected to the office is so important for the business traveller these days. If we can provide good connectivity it helps them to manage their time.”

Staying connected is the most important thing, but right behind it is the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many business travellers are looking for hotels that are able to meet the everyday needs of a healthy person — in terms of both exercise and nutrition.

Safety and security

Hotels can only do so much to accommodate business travellers by providing them with access to everything they require. Giblin has realized that the business traveller wants a simple but efficient type of service: “prioritizing time is critically important for the business traveller. It is important that the service they receive is executed quickly, simply and to a high standard.”

One specific feature that many business travellers have become more invested in is safety and security. A business traveller will often be carrying expensive possessions so security is always a consideration.

Giblin explains, “there will usually be a safe to put something like a laptop in. If you are carrying a lot of valuable possessions it is highly recommended that you get travel insurance.”

These accommodations are available to the everyday business traveller; however, there are hotels that do not provide these amenities. In order to practice proper business, all of the amenities required should be met.

Most companies will book purely based on best price.

What the traveller and the amenity provider need to realize is that time is money; a business traveller will more often than not choose the hotel with the amenities that allow them to go about their business per usual.