TD is on a multi-year journey to migrate more than 80,000 employees to the cloud, including all the security and operational systems that support them. We are proceeding thoughtfully and managing all the regulatory and compliance considerations that impact the journey we're on, which amounts to a fundamental transformation of the way we do business.

As you would do for any big road trip, we made a plan, made sure we had the right equipment, and carefully chose who to take along. We have a big vision for how we want to set ourselves up for the future, and Microsoft has helped us map out where we're heading while showing flexibility and a willingness to accommodate our specific security requirements along the way.
A significant target of our journey has been employee self-service, with a focus on training, collaborating, and getting work done. With Office 365 and Windows 10, we'll have enhanced video capabilities to help all employees reach their personal training and career development goals more effectively and, frankly, in a more fun and engaging way. We're also creating TD Tech Studios, which will improve how many of our employees access new hardware. If they need a new phone or laptop, they'll be able to just drop in, swap it out, and go. This is all part of us becoming a smarter organization, one that will continue to attract the best and brightest talent, which is so critical to our success.

Workplace analytics and enhanced collaboration tools will help us create a more flexible work environment and make decisions faster. The banking workplace is one of the most complex environments to navigate from a technological perspective because it includes so many variables, from understanding employees’ individual work styles to complex technical, risk, and legal dependencies as well as security considerations. We are confident in the Office 365 experience and our goal is to launch a significant pilot project with our employees using Windows 10 within the year. We'll take our key lessons and then roll out the program to the rest of the bank.

Partnering with Microsoft means we benefit from their global threat protection network, which gives us a view of the global threats that could impact us, and also of wider threats that we need to watch. We are also part of a group of companies that informs Microsoft's regulatory and compliance strategy – so we can ensure our customers and employees are always protected and the integrity of our platform is continuously maintained.

Fundamentally, we are in the trust business. Everything we do is about earning and sustaining the trust of those we serve, and that includes employees. It's an incredible honour and obligation — and a huge source of pride for all of us. Microsoft understands this.