anada is a fantastic place to run a business, with a large market of engaged customers and a wealth of resources that can help small companies grow. But there will come a time in the lifecycle of any successful Canadian business when, to sustain continued growth, it must look beyond Canada’s borders. After all, a business that serves all of North America is drawing from a market fifteen times larger than Canada alone.

Doak Slay, Vice-President of International Operations at FedEx Freight, believes that his team of LTL (less-than-truckload) freight professionals is well equipped to help guide businesses into their next phase of growth. “We have a dedicated team of experts who know the regulations and clearance requirements. Our customers don’t have to be experts in moving their products across the border. That’s where we come in. Our team looks at a company’s operations, listens to their needs, and then develops the right plan to meet their objectives. They bring the knowledge and expertise to help everything run smoothly in our network, which is designed to guide shipments from end-to-end, intact and on-time to the U.S. and Mexico,” says Slay.

“There are a few key questions you want to ask when evaluating an LTL shipper,” says Slay. “Ask how shipments are monitored and tracked. You also want to know how communication with the customer is handled and that security and process protocols are in place.” When your products are crossing borders, the number of regulations and best practices you have to manage can seem challenging. Having an organization on your side with people that know these regulations, while providing you with the right shipping services for your business, is an incredible advantage. “We’re known for reliability and delivering a superior customer experience. Our Freight International Services team takes a proactive approach to monitoring while helping ensure shipments are border ready, by communicating with customers, brokers, and customs officials every step of the way,” says Slay.
Making it look easy takes a lot of hard work. It’s not an accident when that shipment arrives at the border and all the paperwork is ready and waiting. That’s the mark of a specialized and efficient team.

Having access to a team like this is a huge benefit even to large companies, but for small and medium businesses for whom hiring a team of dedicated resources to manage and navigate this process would be well out of reach, the effects can be game changing. When they put all their shipping needs in the hands of one trusted provider, it opens up a huge opportunity for growth.