Humber College is home to hundreds of diverse programs offered at all levels, from marketing to police foundations to robotics. The school strives for inclusion and diversity, especially through improving the gender balance in fields where women have been traditionally underrepresented.

Mediaplanet: What is your educational background?

Rani Dhaliwal: I went to high school in England and then attended York University where I earned a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Economics. I became a Certified Management Accountant, completed a post-grad Chartered Director program at McMaster University, and completed a sustainability leadership program at Harvard University.
I’m a continuous learner. I think there’s no end to one’s journey in terms of developing and growing one’s perspectives. I also reflect the immigrant experience. My parents left my home country, India, to give us better opportunities and a better education.

MP: How does Humber address gender inclusion and diversity?

RD: In addition to having a student population from more than 138 countries and nationalities, we have a Centre for Human Rights, Equity, and Diversity that provides our students and staff with training and programming around events like Black History Month. We also promote inclusivity through our Aboriginal Resource Centre and our LGBTQ+ Resource Centre, among many other student support and success areas. Academically, we’re working to address equity and access in some of our programs, specifically the trades, in which the gender mix leans more toward males.

As a part of the college’s commitment to equity and diversity, we have many ongoing outreach programs aimed at narrowing the gender gap, and providing opportunities for all students to find the program that is best for them. Humber’s polytechnic approach focuses on the breadth and depth of credentials offered and the seamless pathways between them, offering students options on their academic journey.

MP: How do you ensure student success? Are there still barriers?

RD: At Humber, we want every student to be successful and to have a positive college experience. There are better opportunities today than there have been in the past, but it takes time. Our Academic and Student Success and Engagement teams provide strong support systems for students to enable their success. That’s the Humber culture.