Little is known about couples where one partner has HIV and the other doesn't, but that's changing — thanks to help from survey participants. A Canada-wide research study, Positive Plus One, is inviting those in magnetic relationships to share their experiences with researchers at the University of Toronto.

The online or phone survey takes about 30 minutes to do and can be completed by one or both partners in the relationship.

"We're asking about the service and support needs that some people have and what makes some relationships successful and others not, when HIV is thrown in the mix," says University of Toronto Public Health Professor and survey lead Dr. Liviana Calzavara.

Help other couples

Reports from the survey will help HIV doctors and AIDS service organizations to better understand the needs of their clients in magnetic relationships. Calzavara says about a quarter of those with HIV are in such a relationship.

The survey is confidential and all participants receive a gift card for completing it. The survey closes June 30th and can be taken online at or by calling 1-888-740-1166.