Mediaplanet: Why is the issue of women in leadership important to you?

Katharine Bambrick: Much has been written about why women have been so underrepresented in leadership positions. For decades this has presented a loss to society, with the recent trend toward transformational leadership and emphasis on empowerment and collaboration, women are excelling in leadership roles. I have been fortunate to have held amazing leadership positions in my career and as a result, I focus on fostering leadership in bright, talented women. I believe it’s important to have equal representation in private and public sector organizations for men, women, and those that identify as LGBTTQ+ to help drive innovation and social equity. I am very fortunate to work with a passionate and dedicated team at the Ontario Trillium Foundation, where more than 50 percent of people in leadership positions are women.

MP: How is the Ontario Trillium Foundation working to ensure it is representative of Ontario?

KB: Last year, the foundation identified two groups that were underserved by grants from the Ontario Trillium Foundation: the LGBTTQ+ and francophone populations. We also explored how we can deliver on our commitment to Truth and Reconciliation initiatives going forward. We embarked on a learning journey in the pursuit of supporting these groups by reaching out to communities and stakeholders to identify gaps, developing solutions, and working to understand the needs and issues facing each of these communities. This work culminated in the adoption of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Framework by our board. As a public agency, funder, and employer, we do our work by living the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and ensuring that we are reflective of the diversity of those we serve. We are excited about the transformation it will bring in the way we work and serve Ontario communities.

MP: What drew you to the Foundation?

KB: The thought of contributing to an organization that supports meaningful change in communities right across the province was inspirational. I am passionate about the mandate of an organization that supports the wellbeing of staff, volunteers, grantees, and the communities we serve, and that is essential to everything the Ontario Trillium Foundation does. As a prime example, this year we were honoured to be named one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures by Waterstone Human Capital.