Fintech is changing the way small businesses in Canada get the money they need to grow. As many small business owners know, you can run a successful company yet still be rejected for a business loan, often due to your personal credit score. Now, thanks to online lenders such as Thinking Capital, personal credit history can be eliminated as a barrier to accessing capital for smaller, growth-oriented businesses in Canada.

The Canadian company has offices in Montreal and Toronto, and uses a technology-driven approach to small business lending that is reinventing the way small business owners access financing. “Personal credit history plays a part in our decision but, unlike traditional lenders, we use proprietary technology that takes into account many other factors to quickly make lending decisions,” says Jeff Mitelman, CEO of Thinking Capital.

By combining technology with industry expertise, Thinking Capital bases its decisions on “how well a business is run and the resulting cash flows, rather than solely on the small business owner’s personal financial and credit information,” explains Mitelman. In other words, how owners run companies — not just their personal credit histories.

By making the process smarter, not harder, Thinking Capital is transforming the opportunity for business owners to obtain capital to grow their businesses. “Our innovative, technology-driven approach  means  that small business owners have a much greater chance of securing financing when they need it, and fast — even if personal credit is a challenge.”

How Thinking Capital works

According to a recent survey from research firm Maru/Matchbox, almost onethird of Canadians say their personal credit score is an obstacle to starting their own small business. Applying for a business loan can be a long and frustrating process in which traditional lenders investigate your personal credit history before deciding whether to provide a loan. That’s a deflating problem for entrepreneurs who dream big.

Fintech financing is a fast and convenient way to apply for a business loan. Through a simple online application process, you can get a no-obligation quote within minutes and funding in as little as 24 hours for loans that range from $5,000 to $300,000. That’s the kind of instant approval that traditional lenders cannot match.

Thinking Capital offers flexible and fixed financing options that determine your loan amount according to your monthly sales, not your personal credit. These convenient options can provide your company with plenty of flexibility and can ensure that you can afford your loan repayment.

Flexible financing aligns with the cash flow of a business with no payback time restrictions on the payment schedule. You can plan the financing that works best for you. Fixed financing provides the option to pay back your loan within a set time period.

Interest rates for these types of loans can be higher than a traditional lender’s business loans,  yet they are competitive when compared to some alternative lenders and credit cards used by small business owners.

Helping turn Canadian visions into reality

Thinking Capital is solely focused on meeting the needs of Canada’s small- and medium-sized enterprises. It partners with leading financial institutions such as CIBC, Staples, Moneris, The UPS Store, and Money Mart to provide online lending solutions to small businesses.

Since 2006, Thinking Capital has provided over $750 million in financing to more than 14,000 companies across Canada. The firm works with customers across 300 industries, from retail companies like restaurants, coffee shops, and specialty food stores to service providers such as auto shops and fitness clubs, to larger companies in sectors such as construction and health care.

Personal credit ratings need not impede the growth of your company. Through online lenders like Thinking Capital, small business owners and entrepreneurs can access the capital they need to dream big.

Apply online today at or call 1-866-889-9412 to get the capital your small business needs to grow.