In the last few years we've seen a shift where companies that previously never even thought about the Internet of Things now have entire departments dedicated to it. Still, only maybe 10 percent of the companies I talk to have an IoT strategy or have deployed IoT within their organization. But every day more and more companies are looking into how IoT can help them.

I really believe that companies that are not thinking today about how IoT is going to influence their business are going to find themselves heavily impacted and, potentially, not be around a few years down the road.

Looking ahead

I also truly believe that the Internet of Things is going to be the most fundamental change to society that people living today will have experienced. It's going to be bigger than the Internet, smartphones and apps combined. Twenty years from now, IoT will be so pervasive; it will be everywhere.

And I love the opportunity this represents for bringing Canada back to the technological forefront in the global community. There is enough momentum and innovation happening in the IoT space in Canada right now that we can easily become worldwide leaders in this next Industrial Revolution or more specific to IoT, Industrial Automation 3.0.