Get more out of your mobile device by picking up a clever accessory or two. Oh sure, you’re well aware of protective cases and wireless headphones, but what about work-related add-ons that could help expand your smartphone or tablet’s functionality and increase your productivity? The following is a look at four good options for business travelers.

Keys, please

Great for those who take copious amounts of notes or write lengthy documents, the Verbatim Wireless Mobile Keyboard ($49.99) is ideal for long-form typing on touchscreen smartphone or tablet. When you’re on the go, this full-size QWERTY keyboard folds up to half its size and slips into a matching black case, but when you want to type notes, write a long email or type up press release or sales report, simply open it up, turn it on and prop up your device with an optional stand. This foldable keyboard also houses function keys (to copy, cut and undo), media control (play, pause and mute) and system settings (brightness,  and more). Because Bluetooth is a universal wireless standard, this handy travel accessory works with Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows products.

Power play

There’s nothing worse when you’re traveling on business and the gadgets you rely on run out of juice. Instead of a bulky battery case that weighs down your mobile phone – even when you don’t require a top-up – consider an external power solution you can plug in, as needed. New Trent Powerpak+ ($69.95) is a 13,500mAh battery that can charge up a typical smartphone more than 6 times. In fact, this battery pack can charge up two USB-based devices at the same time.

Thanks for the memory

When it comes to storage, your smartphone or tablet is probably maxed out at 64 gigabytes of built-in memory – but what if you could extend that to 1-terabyte (more than 1,000 gigabytes)? The Seagate Wireless Plus ($199.99) is a pocket-sized hard drive with a unique trick up its sleeve. After you connect it to a PC or Mac and drag and drop files onto it for safe keeping, press a button later on and this battery-powered drive creates a wireless connection with up to eight people. Now, everyone can stream content at the same time – via any Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone, tablet or laptop – and even access something different, if they like (such as a movie, song, photos or documents).

Mightier than the sword

If you still prefer to take notes the “old school” way, the Livescribe Sky wifi smartpen ($169.95) is a digital pen that records everything it writes or hears. Write or sketch on special paper with tiny dots (Starter Notebook included) and all your notes are recorded by the pen’s miniscule camera at its tip, which can then be wirelessly synched to your secure Evernote account on a smartphone, tablet or personal computer. Alternatively, you can connect the Livescribe smartpen to your PC or Mac via USB cable, which also charges up its internal battery at the same time. A built-in microphone and 2GB of memory means it can hold up to 200 hours of audio and thousands of pages of notes before you need to delete files to free up memory.