As the Canadian electric vehicle market grows, home owners, businesses, and others are investing in electric vehicle chargers with FLO, Canada’s most comprehensive charging ecosystem.

According to Brookes Shean, General Manager of FLO in Ontario, electric vehicle (EV) owners have a different mindset from other motorists.

They don’t charge when they’re almost out of battery, the way most drivers refuel when they’re almost out of gas. Instead, they charge whenever they can. That’s why FLO’s goal is to offer a complete charging ecosystem that allows EV drivers to conveniently charge at home, at work or on the road.

Because Shean says up to 80 percent of charging happens at home, it’s important for EV drivers to invest in the right charging station.

“As a user buying a home electric vehicle charger,” he says, “I want to know that I have functionality that helps offset costs.”

FLO’s home charging stations are made with high-grade aluminum to help them last long and withstand Canadian winters. They are also network-connected, meaning users can remotely access features like smart scheduling (to avoid peak rates) and track usage data. A second FLO charger can even be added without needing to make upgrades to the electrical panel.

Not just for home use, business and property managers are also investing in charging stations. In addition to being a value-add for employees and tenants, they’re also a way to meet corporate sustainability goals and to demonstrate green leadership.

FLO charging stations are popping up at major retailers, including Cadillac Fairview shopping centres across Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Manitoba, as well as select Canadian Tire locations in Southern Ontario, thereby contributing to the growth of FLO’s public charging network.

Shean says this helps dissipate EV drivers’ biggest worry: charger availability during long trips. FLO now offers a network of more than 3,000 charging stations. Users can located them using FLO’s mobile app and check their availability in real time.

“The EV market is very much here and it’s here to stay,” says Shean. “This infrastructure is needed now more than ever before.”

With the most reliable charging network coast-to-coast, FLO leads the way by ensuring that EV drivers always have the charge they need - whether on the go, at home, or at work.