The rapid adoption of new technologies is disrupting the financial services industry. From peer-to-peer lending and robo-advisors to bitcoin and crowdfunding, financial technology or “fintech” is smashing old business models on its way to crowning new rulers in the world of money.

Innovative technologies developed by the start-up ecosystem has allowed an extensive expansion for online investment platforms, automated investment tools, robo-advisors, and various wealth management solutions. These advancements in technology are not only favoring consumers by giving them more power and increasing transparency of services, but are also connecting financial services to consumers previously excluded.

Fintech is changing the way that the financial services sector can connect to consumers.

RBC is helping to provide financial service access to individuals when it comes to investing through RBC InvestEase. RBC InvestEase is a robo-advisor that helps individuals invest in minutes. By matching clients with an investment portfolio recommendation, RBC InvestEase can then build portfolios and continuously monitor them for individual investors. The robo-advisor takes the stress out of investing by creating an automated solution that provides insight and advice at any moment in time. 

Horizons ETFs AI Fund is also changing the game with how they are using financial technology. The ETF uses artificial intelligence in order to have computers make investment decisions quickly and within certain parameters. By incorporating artificial intelligence, Horizons ETF’s decision-making process is speeding up to hyper fast speeds with the computer’s ability to analyze data and patterns that would have taken individual portfolio managers significantly longer. 

Fintech is changing the way that the financial services sector can connect to consumers. Check out more about fintech and what companies like RBC and Horizons ETF have to offer on September 20-21, 2019, at The MoneyShow Toronto. As Canada’s premier conference for individual investors and active traders, free attendance at The MoneyShow provides access to over 50 keynote addresses, presentations, and panel discussions from top-tier portfolio managers, economists, educators, financial columnists, and some of the best minds in the financial world.