Cybersecurity provides a stable foundation and allows you to stay competitive.

Assess your risk

How you run your business, and the kind of data you hold, impacts the level of risk to your business. Organizations of all sizes generate and store data that could be of interest to cyber criminals. Consider how valuable, or sensitive, each set of data is by performing a security audit, to determine the unique mix of software, solutions, IT policies, and procedures needed to achieve appropriate protection.

Educate your staff

Employees are a business’ first line of defense, so training them in cybersecurity best practices and developing a proactive security plan is integral to building confidence with your customers. ESET experts have developed a free cybersecurity awareness training program, which is available for download and distribution by any organization to its employees, regardless of whether they use ESET’s software or not. The program takes less than 90 minutes to complete and provides progress tracking and certification

Deploy a multi-layer, multi-vendor security solution

The best strategy is to make an attacker’s job as difficult as possible by having security at every level to prevent breaches. For reliable and strong cybersecurity defenses, companies should opt for a solution that offers multiple complementary technologies, with high detection rates, and a low number of false positives. That way, if one technology layer is bypassed, an array of others are in place to take action and keep information protected.

How updates make your security solution stronger

Anti-malware software installed on endpoints, such as computers and mobile devices, must be kept up to date so that they are equipped to recognize and defend against the latest threats. A great feature of ESET products is that software updates are made automatically, keeping devices always current with the most recent protection available. In addition to lower false positive rates, the updated solution can use data to create a reliable threat database stored in the cloud. By sharing with all recognized devices, this can protect users from a wider array of malicious items.

Outsource IT support

One way to ensure attention is focused on the growth and development of your company is to consider outsourcing IT. IT partners and trusted tools can provide proactive preventative support that allow you to scale and upgrade security services to fit your business’ growing needs. Doing so will free up space and time to invest in your business and employees.