We believe that the Internet of Things is all about driving business outcomes. We’re focused on helping companies to adopt IoT solutions with a specific goal in mind. For example, solutions could be implemented to improve energy efficiency, increase employee productivity, or save on fuel costs.

As time goes on, more and more use cases for IoT technology become apparent. In the few years it has been on the market, IoT has already penetrated most industries, but we are still just scratching the surface. Researchers predict a dramatic growth in IoT over the next decade. As companies better understand the potential it has to solve business problems and drive outcomes, we believe adoption will rise. And, in my experience, there is always an opportunity for IoT technology to solve problems for any business.

In general, the adoption of any new technology always faces a certain pattern. You always have the early adopters who are eager to integrate it into their business. But, it takes more time for it to spread to the community at large — creating a chasm between the early market actively using IoT technology to benefit their business, and the vast majority of companies that have unsolved problems this technology could address. Once that chasm is bridged, IoT technology is going to become the definition of disruptive technology and its potential will be realized.

Keith Flynn

President & Founder, RtTech Software Inc.

Duncan Stewart

Director of Tech, Media & Telecom Research, Deloitte Canada

Loreto Saccucci

CEO, blueRover

Kurtis McBride

CEO, Miovision Technologies