While offices were once considered simply a central location where employees could perform their jobs, the modern workplace has taken on a much more significant role. Today, offices have become the very foundation of the total workplace experience — a space where collaboration, communication, and creativity unite. Unsurprisingly, the look and feel of a physical workspace is integral to employees’ overall fulfillment and performance in their jobs.

Productivity and morale

While there is not one specific office that is conducive to every mode of business or industry, there are different design elements that can be implemented to allow your employees to thrive. According to Fortune Magazine, hybrid offices provide optimal work environment, combining a variety of spaces employees can move around in throughout the day. A blend of private offices and collective workspaces encourages individuals to work and interact in a manner best suited for their tasks and moods. Versatility is key, allowing constant opportunities for autonomous work, collaboration, and social interaction.

“Ask yourself: Is your office a place where employees actually enjoy working from?”

In addition to encouraging productivity, your office furniture and physical space can contribute to your employees’ overall strength and energy. Customizing workstations for your team is vital to support different postures and work styles. After all, employers should enable individuals to interact with their working environment in a manner that supports their well-being. Moreover, a 2014 study in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine determined individuals who are exposed to natural light in the workplace are more likely to be healthier and in good spirits. Window-wrapped offices are more than just aesthetically pleasing — they are nourishing as well.

Talent acquisition and retention

In this economy, finding and hiring the best and the brightest is no easy feat. However, retaining high-quality employees in today’s competitive marketplace is becoming an analogous challenge. Having a modern office is the way to address these issues. Your office is a direct reflection of your company and can be used as a tool to attract new employees and engage existing personnel alike.

It is evident that transforming your office is not merely an investment in your employees but in the business itself. A 2014 study by HASSELL and Empirica Research found investing in workplace design is more cost effective for talent attraction than offering higher salaries or benefits. Many candidates will equate a progressive workspace with a vibrant company culture — an element often missing from traditional offices. A dynamic culture in the workplace contributes significantly as well to employees’ job satisfaction and company loyalty.

Let’s get modern!

Ask yourself: Is your office a place where employees actually enjoy working from? If you are not certain, it may be time to revamp your office space. Begin by doing your research and due diligence. There are numerous studies you can consult to learn best practices in modern office design. If your office is large, you should consider hiring an interior designer or qualified professional well versed in creating and furnishing contemporary workplaces. Ultimately, any step you take to convert your workspace into a modern office is nothing less than a worthwhile endeavour.