“Leaders win through logistics. Vision, sure. Strategy, yes. But when you go to war, you need to have both toilet paper and bullets at the right place at the right time. In other words, you must win through superior logistics. Go back to the Gulf War. After that war ended, the media stories focused on the strategy that was devised by Colin Powell and executed by Norman Schwarzkopf. For my money, the guy who won the Gulf War was Gus Pagonis, the genius who managed all of the logistics.” 

—Tom Peters on Leadership

These words about leadership are the legacy of the logistics industry. For every great battle fought throughout history, it’s the names of Generals that go down in history books.  Who remembers the names of the logisticians?

Behind the scenes

So the legacy continues on into the world of business.  Behind every successful business venture, there’s a Gus Pagonis.  
Whether it’s an in-house logistics manager or an out sourced logistics company, there is somebody quietly working behind the scenes, translating the corporate vision and strategic plan into a live business operation. And yet, true to the legacy, the logistics expert receives little recognition for making it all happen.

"Experts on leadership maintain that logisticians are the unsung heroes of the global economy."

The unsung hero

Experts on leadership maintain that logisticians are the unsung heroes of the global economy.  Even with the recognition that it carries so much weight, experts on leadership believe “unsung hero” is a status that is both well earned and well deserved.
It is a status that is earned by acquiring the knowledge and becoming an expert on every aspect of supply chain management, from procurement and production, to customs brokerage and transportation, whether by boat, plane, rail or truck.

The status is well-deserved because it is the logistician who breathes life into business plans, keeping everything from raw materials to electronics, and textiles to food, moving along the supply chain to its final destination.

Legacy of the un-noticed logistician

Despite the fact that they save the shipment, save the headaches, save the bottom line and even save the day, these heroes go unsung.

So what is a hero, without a parade, to do?  He is to continue on as usual, upholding his legacy, because that is what drives the success of his clients and his employer.  The logistician can take quiet comfort and humble pride in the knowledge that he shares in their awards and the accolades bestowed upon his clients and his employer, and that he has contributed to their success.