They improve our quality of life and even increase our property values.  But our trees have been under attack recently.  Between insect invaders like Emerald Ash Borer and recent damage caused by the ice-storm, our urban trees are in need of help.

As spring finally arrives, here are some easy ways you can get involved and do your part for our urban forest!

1. Plant native trees, shrubs and perennials through our subsidized Backyard Tree Planting Program. 

If you live in Toronto or York Region, we’re here to help you plant the right species in the right places on your property. You’ll get a consultation in your yard with an arborist, a five to eight foot tall tree, delivery and full planting service, all for $150 to $200. What could be easier? Native shrubs and garden kits that beautify your yard and provide habitat to butterflies and other pollinators are also available. You can even get edible garden kits designed for the urban forager!

2. Learn through a guided Tree Tour. 

Experts will guide you on an urban adventure designed to make you think about trees in a whole new way! If you want to learn even more take part in our Tree Tenders Volunteer Training Program. After 14 hours of indoor and outdoor instruction you’ll be an educated tree advocate, ready to make a difference in the lives of trees in your neighbourhood.

3. Volunteer your time to help the urban forest. 

LEAF has plenty of opportunities for you to get your hands dirty. Simple care, like watering and mulching, can make all the difference in the survival and health of newly planted trees and shrubs. Lend a hand at one of our Urban Forest Demonstration Gardens located outside TTC stations or start an Adopt a Tree program in your local park.