magine waking up tomorrow to learn scientists had made an amazing discovery. 

If adopted worldwide, this breakthrough would get us almost half way to the goal of limiting global warming to two degrees Celsius — the level scientists say is necessary to control climate change.

That discovery has already been made.  It’s called energy efficiency. Often overlooked, energy efficiency is one of our most potent tools in the fight against climate change.

By reducing the energy we use in our homes, businesses and vehicles, we can lower emissions, slash energy bills, and improve air quality.

Our government understands the importance of energy efficiency.  Our very first budget provided billions to fight climate change, including more than $121 million for energy-efficiency policies and programs and more than $62 million for infrastructure to support electric vehicles and alternative transportation fuels.

Reducing emissions

For decades, the Government of Canada has provided tools such as EnerGuide, which helps Canadians understand their energy use; and ENERGY STAR, which offers a recognizable symbol Canadians can use to instantly identify high-efficiency products like lighting, appliances, electronics, and new homes.

Over the last three years alone, Canadians have saved enough energy using ENERGY STAR products to fuel almost two million cars for a year.

To maintain the momentum, we’re creating new model building codes and working on expanding tools to measure and track the energy efficiency of buildings.  And we’re investing in research that will produce the high-efficiency building technologies of tomorrow.

We are working with provinces and territories on measures to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. These measures will help Canadians and businesses lower both their utility bills and greenhouse gas emissions. This initiative is one of several areas where action on climate change will help strengthen the economy.

The following pages highlight some of the ways Canadians can save money by reducing the energy they use while helping to preserve the planet we all share. This amazing breakthrough is available to all of us. Doesn’t it make sense to use it?