We spoke with Portfolio Manager Keith Richards and Chief Economist and Strategist David Rosenberg about what makes a good investor.

Mediaplanet: How is knowledge about the stock market integral to successfully navigate any market condition?

Keith Richards: The age of volatility has begun. It’s vital to have an understanding of how to invest in the new era of enlightenment, rapid information flow, and accessible technical and fundamental analysis tools. Knowledge helps us migrate through the overwhelming overabundance of information.

David Rosenberg: Successful investing means avoiding the mistakes and pitfalls of the past, which in turn means that an education in history is absolutely essential to have an edge in this business.  

MP: What’s the one piece of investment advice you give investors?

DR: It is important to block out the noise — and there’s lots of it. There is no how-to lesson to teach you how to succeed in this respect, except to develop the courage of your conviction and act on it without reservation or procrastination.

KR: The most important thing is to understand your personal attitudes to risk and volatility. Everyone is a long-term investor until the proverbial poop hits the fan. But if you don’t like volatility, you should buy GICs.