In planning new loyalty programs, it’s essential to offer new ideas that will delight and retain loyal members and create new ones. SunClub Rewards is a Vancouver-based company with 20 years of experience in the travel industry and significant insight into the value of loyalty programs that put the member first. “After many disappointing experiences with other travel loyalty programs, I knew that we could do it better,” says Wayne Hansen, Managing Director of SunClub Rewards.  

Historically, Canadians collect rewards points and sit on their point balances, so by the time points are finally redeemed, their value has decreased. The answer is to offer members monthly compounded interest on their point balances. If a rewards program is sitting on millions of dollars in prepaid points that are collecting interest, why not share the interest with members?

With their innovative new program, SunClub allows members to earn points by booking travel with any airline, cruise line, hotel, or tour operator, as well as through online shopping at SunClub Mall. Additionally, SunClub points are not subject to travel restrictions or blackout periods, they never expire, and they can be instantly redeemed for travel, at select retailers or cashed out with a prepaid Visa card. “We listened to what the public said and created a new, more innovative program that offers customers real value and many different opportunities to earn points,” says Hansen. 

The online space was launched with over 350 retailers in more than 33 categories including major online partners such as Amazon, Best Buy, The Bay, Walmart, and Home Depot. Brick-and-mortar retailers are now joining the program, increasing ways to earn more points and the number of places to use points through instant redemption opportunities.

With free membership and a high-value offering, the company has created a convenient program for its members — one that customers will want to join, use, and grow with.