Water. Our lives depend on it. We use water to nourish ourselves, the environment, and our economy. But many of us take it for granted. And the world is facing many challenges that stem from failing water infrastructure, increasing populations, and a changing climate. Finding new ways to conserve and manage this precious resource is critical.

The good news is that Canada is home to a wealth of water expertise and ideas. WaterTAP, a non-profit organization based in Ontario, connects innovators to the business resources they need to grow and thrive in the global market.

With more than 900 water-related companies, as well as research centres and programs that encourage and support innovation, Ontario has become a global leader in water technology.

WaterTAP is an important player in this ecosystem of new knowledge and thinking around water. “Our team not only works one-on-one with innovators, we also bring people together to address the barriers that prevent the adoption of new solutions,” says Dr. Peter Gallant, WaterTAP’s President and CEO.

Quenching our thirst will become even more challenging in the decades to come. That’s why we need to act now and continue to advance sustainable solutions.