Clean and renewable hydropower is one of Canada’s most powerful weapons in the fight against climate change. It always has been and always will be. The amount of air pollution and carbon emissions that Canadian hydropower has avoided over time is almost incalculable. As wind and solar power increasingly join the fray, hydropower’s unmatched dispatchability and energy storage capacity will be more important than ever.

Hydropower is Canada’s number one electricity source, providing more than 60 percent of total power generation. This makes Canada’s grid one of the cleanest and most renewable in the world. Even with its vast geography and comparatively small population, Canada is the world’s second-largest hydropower generator. With a population almost 40 times bigger, only China generates more. Perhaps even more incredible, Canadian hydropower can still more than double in size. When it comes to hydro, Canada clearly boxes well above its weight class.

Developers are proud to contend that in Canada, hydropower can be the best way to make electricity. Is it the only way? No. Is it perfect? Nothing is. Does it enable other electricity sources? Definitely. Will it be as big a part of Canada’s future as its past? Likely bigger.