Most businesses have already adopted some form of cloud-based technology, which allows for the storing, accessing, and managing of data in the cloud. When it comes to managing HR and payroll, the cloud offers more security, higher efficiency, and ease of use. For small businesses, that means having the time and peace of mind to focus on growing the business.

Here’s why cloud technology can provide a big advantage:

Data Privacy

Though data privacy was once a concern with cloud computing, “that ship has sailed,” says Paul Elliott, Chief Operating Officer at Ceridian, a global human capital management company that provides solutions for organizations of all sizes. Considered the safest and most secure way to manage data, many of the largest companies in the world have operations in the cloud.

Ease of use

“Small businesses should look for a modern technology solution that makes processing payroll quick and simple,” says Elliott. Ceridian’s Powerpay offers mobile applications so you can access and manage data anytime, anywhere.

Compliance management   

Migrating to the cloud eases the burden for small business owners to deal with the complexities of HR and payroll regulations.

Domain expertise

“Technology needs to be coupled with a winning service model,” says Elliott. Ceridian has the resources to offer exceptional customer service and domain expertise. “Payroll is a specialized field that requires deep domain expertise. It’s crucial that customer service teams thoroughly understand the business and the domain in order to provide the best service.”

360-degree service

Leading cloud-based solutions like Ceridian’s Powerpay also offer a full-service experience for small businesses that goes beyond just payroll software. “We handle money movement and government filings for 47,000 small businesses in Canada,” says Elliott.

Cloud-based technology is a winning solution that provides a more reliable way to manage a company’s most important assets — its employees.