Ethan Song, the CEO and Co-founder of Frank And Oak, an innovative clothing company that utilizes technology and exceptional design, discusses business and development strategies.

1. What was the inspiration behind Frank And Oak?

We realized that a lot of our male friends wanted to dress better and to feel more confident about their choices, but without all the work of shopping and knowing what to wear. Young professionals have busy and super-social lifestyles, so in effect we became their style advisor.

2. How did Frank And Oak create their identity?

Our identity was a reflection of our community and first customers. We have always been focused on a more creative customer — young professionals who work in marketing, business, and technology. As such, we shared values around being entrepreneurial while being involved in our local community. We knew that our services had to be efficient,  yet personalized, and that our products had to be authentic and of good quality.

3. How did Frank And Oak stay ahead of the curve and recognize the need for a strong e-commerce angle?

We were able to stay ahead of the curve by always focusing on our vision, which is to help the creative generation dress and live better. We are always finding ways to create interesting products or experiences in order to save them time and help them feel more confident. E-commerce was a natural fit since our customer is technology-centric, but also because it allows us to deliver an experience that is highly personalized and efficient right in people’s home.

4. What roles do technology and innovation play in how you reach your customers?

Technology and innovation are critical to the success of Frank And Oak because they enable us to deliver a more personalized and efficient experience to our customers. It’s a complex business — from product design, to product recommendations and content, to product delivery — but owning all the steps also enables us to innovate in ways that others can’t, and to offer a truly differentiated experience.

5. How is Frank And Oak’s digital experience unique among its competitors?

Our digital experience is based in simplicity and us doing all the work for our customers. We have a big focus on personalization, and have been working with various technologies over the past few years to accomplish that. We believe that over time, we should be able to help our customers find the right clothes and accessories for them — not just to save them time, but also to make them feel better. We also have a big emphasis on mobile with apps on both iPhone and Android. This enables us to be in our customers’ pockets, and to act as an advisor at any time of the day.

6. Frank And Oak really strives to care for every customer. What are some examples of the personalized service they receive?

Every touch point of our products and services is personalized. From the unique product recommendations with Style Plan, our monthly subscription service, to 24/7 access to our style advisors,  via our app’s LiveChat function, all the way to the personalized notes in every customer order. We take great care in learning about our customers, and making sure that everything is thought of — down to the smallest of details.