The currents in our oceans and rivers are sustainable, renewable, and emission-free. Taking advantage of this resource, Go With The Flow Technology (GWFT) has invented a floating surface device, dubbed The Endless Belt Generator, which revolutionizes tidal current energy extraction. Their Tidal Current Surface Crawler (TCSC) captures over 40 percent of the kinetic energy of a moving volume of water — at a cost that is magnitudes lower than other front-running technologies in the field. The TCSC also has the unique ability to be deployed in areas unfavourable to other tidal and current designs, allowing for energy capture where none previously existed.

This game-changing technology is made from non-toxic materials, is easily deployed and maintained, and is a very cost-effective means of capturing the kinetic energy from the water. With no GHG emissions, and being completely harmless to marine and avian life, the TCSC will help lead Canada away from its dependence on hydrocarbons. Providing localized green power, the TCSC will soon be seen on rivers and oceans in Canada and around the globe.

Founder and Director of Technology Joseph Sieber and CEO Jerzy Peregudow are looking to attract qualified and technically capable investors, who share their ambitious goal to usher in the hydrogen economy, by commercializing the tidal current technologies in Canada. Sieber and Peregudow aim to create a new “made in Canada” industry with significant export opportunities.