Vancouver, BC – born in Canada’s hub for electrochemistry, Ionomr Innovations is shattering multiple industry standards in cleantech, bringing a completely new approach to membrane materials. These new membranes address fundamental limitations of lifetime and cost, as well as environmental concerns, at the core of batteries, fuel cells, and advanced electrochemical water treatment technologies.

"Most research attempts, to make a stable membrane for our applications do not have the other properties necessary for commercial use. We focused on converting industrial high-strength materials already at scale into cutting-edge membranes. It worked — our membranes maintain higher performance and lifetime than the competition in all conditions, with the only clear line to competitive pricing at scale says CTO - Dr. Tim Peckham"

The potential implications of Ionomr technology are limitless: greater than 50 percent cost reduction in energy storage for grid-scale systems (redox flow batteries) and hydrogen production to together underlie the future energy economy. High-efficiency desalination and chemical recovery for oil and gas, pulp and paper, and mining are all unlocked.

Developing these materials since 2008, Ionomr brings a different approach with their next-generation ion-exchange membrane, Aemion™, and is scaling to meet global demand. Explore the opportunities with the company making waves in the Vancouver start-up community, Ionomr Innovations.