When it comes to running a small business, most owners face the same challenge — how best to run their company efficiently and securely in our high-tech world.
Today’s digital economy removes most of the manual work formerly required to process customer payments, but it also increases security concerns for both the purchaser and the business. It’s more important than ever that the right payment solution company be selected.

Finding the right payment processing partner

Elavon has been offering its one million clients smart payment solutions for more than 25 years and is in the business of helping small organizations grow while reducing overall risk.

The company offers point-of-sale technology options ranging from countertop terminals, tablets, and wireless solutions to smart terminals, e-commerce, and mobile methods.

“It’s important to factor in that your customers expect their personal data to be secure at your place of business,” says Mia Huntington, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Canada at Elavon. “Seeking a provider that deploys state-of-the-art encryption is imperative.”