When one of ViewSonic Canada’s customers ordered more than four dozen VP monitors at once, general manager Deidre Deacon was delighted but not surprised. “The VP series of monitors is the best professional monitor line we’ve ever brought to market,” she says.

The line, which includes models and functionality to cover the full gamut of needs, is ideal for small businesses and creative professionals looking to increase workplace productivity.

One of the most popular features of every VP monitor is the exceptionally small bezel, the frame around the outside of the screen. It allows users to focus fully on their work, utilizing the entire screen without distractions such as logos and menu control buttons.

The bezel is so small on each of these monitors that when several of them are put together they appear as a single screen, giving the user a fully immersive experience. This multi-monitor setup is ideal for group projects and collaboration, when several employees are working on the same image.

Another feature that has been well-received by ViewSonic customers is the auto pivot, which enhances users’ ability to review and edit images. When a portrait-oriented photo is displayed on a standard 23.8-inch monitor, it’s reduced to a mere 13.3-inch viewing size, Deacon explains. However, when the same image is viewed on a monitor with auto pivot functionality, the user can twist the screen to align the monitor with the photo orientation. The entire screen is utilized and the image appears much bigger. This productivity feature allows users, working alone or in groups, to pay the same close attention to detail while working on portrait-oriented images as they do while working on landscape-oriented images.

Precise colour reproduction for colour-critical applications

Not only can these monitors be pivoted, they can also be swivelled and tilted based on the user’s height and seating preference, saving users from having to make constant adjustments in the operating system settings menu.

The ViewSonic line of VP series monitors, with state-of-the-art LCD panels providing vivid colour and brightness,are calibrated at the factory and come with individual colour calibration and uniformity reports. The monitors are ideal for businesses focused on creative design — such as photographers, graphic designers, engineers, and architects — that depend on colour precision so that what they create on-screen matches real life. Aware that calibration is needed on an ongoing basis, many users also invest in the ViewSonic Calibration Kit, because it allows them to calibrate their monitors regularly. This also ensures a reduction in the degradation of screen performance, enabling time and cost savings from having to replace monitors sooner.

ViewSonic has received positive feedback on all these features and on the monitors’ advanced ergonomic design. VP series monitors are available to be shipped in packages that contain two monitors and no stands — an ideal solution for environmentally conscious customers who are looking for a multi-monitor set-up.