Smooth and reliable B- and C-part management achieved with Bossard Smart Factory Logistics enables Canadian manufacturers to transform production.

Industry research shows the proportion of C-parts to the total value of a finished product is only 5-15 percent. However, the cost of managing C-parts makes up approximately 85 percent of total procurement costs. This offers enormous potential to achieve cost savings, along with an opportunity for manufacturers to transform production into a smart factory.

“As any manufacturer will know, the biggest issue when it comes to B- and C- parts is not the cost of the parts,” says Sandrine Talbot-Lagloire, Country Manager at Bossard in Canada. “The biggest challenge is accurately determining the need and ordering the appropriate parts, while managing costs associated with control of the goods including receiving, testing, handling, inventory taking, and administration.”

Smart factories automate principles of lean manufacturing, which require companies to make what the customer wants, when they want it, pulling only what is ordered. When implementing both lean and 4.0 initiatives, B- and C-part are often overlooked, yet they are one of the easiest places to start, and one of the changes that can bring the most value.

“C-parts is a quick win to start automating your plant, and our consultancy tools can help build your business case internally,” says Ms. Talbot-Lagloire. “It has been academically proven that companies exposed to small positive changes are more open to implementing more change in the future, it’s a virtuous cycle.”

Taking control of your inventory control

Operating on the basis of lean means identifying which of your processes and operations don’t really bring value to your client, and outsourcing them — enabling you to focus on areas where you add value. As such, most people outsource their B- and C-parts to suppliers who offer vendor-managed inventory.  But with Smart Factory Logistics, they get something more, as Bossard provides them with all the real-time data and transparency they need to make better decisions.

Bossard’s Smart Factory Logistics offer agile, lean, and reliable customized solutions that provide the key to smooth and seamless supply chain performance. Proven systems, like the fully automated SmartBin or the informative SmartLabel, provide real-time information to help manage B- and C-parts effectively and efficiently, while demand and stock levels are constantly monitored and managed through the ARIMS dashboard.

“Through a simple but effective combination of Wi-Fi technology and a weighted scale, the SmartBin is always able to provide an accurate snapshot of your product levels,” says Ms. Talbot-Lagloire. “But where our technology really stands out is with the ARIMS interface, which allows clients to see in real-time current inventory levels, as well as upcoming orders. Best of all, you can use the app to view this information directly on your mobile phone.”

Sustainably lower your material related costs

Bossard Smart Factory Logistics not only eliminates most sources of errors, they reduce the amount of work involved in procuring C-parts, along with the administration associated with C-parts management, allowing you to concentrate on your core activities.

“By showing real-time consumption, the SmartBin provides increased agility,” says Ms. Talbot-Lagloire. “This enables you to quickly respond to new opportunities, because you know exactly what you have on hand.”

The trend toward intelligent factories will become increasingly important in the coming years, and Bossard’s logistics systems provide organizations with a way to work more effectively and efficiently. With Smart Factory Logistics, Bossard offers solutions that drive the transformation to intelligent factories, while maximizing synergies between the supply chain and the assembly line.

“When we look at tomorrow, it will not be the big beating the small,” says Talbot-Lagloire in paraphrasing Rupert Murdoch. “It will be the fast beating the slow.”