Payment terminals were once an afterthought for businesses — static technology designed to do one job: process payments. But today’s business owners can’t afford to invest time or money into single-use devices. They need smart payment solutions that can solve problems and create efficiencies by integrating multiple business processes and analytics, allowing owners to make better decisions and achieve their goals.

Think back to the flip phone era — it was hard to imagine that one day a phone would have all the functions of today’s app-powered devices and the ability to make debit and credit payments. But now that’s the norm. Payment terminal technology is finally catching up. The world’s first smart terminal, Poynt, has been designed to bring innovative technology to merchants.

Poynt is not just a smart terminal — it’s the terminal of the future that integrates everyday business tools with payment processing while providing one-click analytics and daily reports. Smart terminals allow businesses to integrate customized functions like accounting, loyalty programs, and instant customer feedback right at the point of sale. Smart terminals like Poynt and their app marketplaces are shifting payment processing from being an afterthought to becoming a central hub for managing an entire business.

As customer and entrepreneur expectations continue to drive the evolution in payments, Poynt, available exclusively from Elavon in Canada, is ready to help businesses save time and money by becoming a business assistant much like smartphones have become personal assistants for our daily lives.

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