Business Success

TOPICS Many factors play in the to the success of a business. With the suggestions and information in this section you may be inspired to tweak some of your business practices to increase your chances of success.

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Why Professional Advice Costs Money

Studies have shown that consumers who receive advice from financial advisors accumulate more wealth than those who prefer self-directed options.

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The Franchise Revolutionizing Your Haircut

With 160 hair salons, Great Clips shows how to build a successful brand by tapping into local know-how and providing support that helps franchisees thrive.

Q&A with Jim Treliving

We spoke with Boston Pizza Chairman and Dragons' Den star Jim Treliving about founding Boston Pizza and the evolution of the franchising landscape.

Modernizing Payments Creates Opportunities

The future of payments is data: Payments Canada’s Modernization initiative includes integrating the ISO 20022 messaging standard into Canada’s payment infrastructure upgrade. This creates cost savings and innovation opportunities for businesses and benefits to consumers.

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So, You Want to Be an Entrepreneur?

Turning an idea into a business is a huge step, Don Moore, Director of Entrepreneurship at 3+ Corporation, has tips on how you can succeed.

Demystifying the Value of AI

Canada is home to the third-largest artificial intelligence (AI) talent pool, including Element AI Co-founder and deep learning pioneer, Yoshua Bengio.

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Keeping People Top of Mind

Finding solutions to workplace safety and mental health problems remains a work in progress.

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Making Engineering More Inclusive

McMaster is leading the way for women in STEM with their focus on building positive learning environments for all students.