Canadian Innovation

TOPICS Innovation is happening across Canada at an alarming rate and cities are beginning to implement technologies to drive the economy forward and create new opportunities for jobs, development, and success.


Innovation Puts Syncrude in the Oil Sands Spotlight

Syncrude has invested more than $1.5 billion over the past 50 years on its own research and in collaboration with North American universities and research organizations to advance the oil sands industry and its leading-edge technologies.

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The Future Is Unlimited in Mississauga

Many factors play into Mississauga being one of the best cities to open your business and here’s why you should consider it as an option.

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Think Smart, Think Milton

By investing in smart initiatives, Milton is building an innovative city that will improve the lives of their people and overall community.

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Interview with Bianca Wylie

As we share more of our information online we can forget what that data is used for and lose our privacy. Here’s how data governance might help!