Clean Innovation 2018


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Why Climate-Risk Disclosure is Key to a Sustainable Economy

Celine Bak, President and Founder of Analytica Advisors and a Senior Associate at the International Institute for Sustainable Development, shares her insight into key steps that Canadian businesses must take at the policy-level to contibute to a clean economy.

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The Sustainable Digital Mine is Here

Mediaplanet sat down with Brent Bergeron, EVP of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability for Goldcorp Inc, to provide us with some insight about what the future of sustainable mining looks like in Canada.

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Canada’s Green Tech Future is Here

Nathalie Pilon, President of ABB Group Canada, speaks towards how the company is  spearheading innovation to coincide with two transformative revolutions taking place in Canada right now.

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Hungry for CO2

How one innovative Canadian company is cleaning the air and capitalizing on algae.