Data Security


The Importance of Information Security

Recognized cybersecurity thought leader, CEO, and technology influencer, Joseph Steinberg, shares his expert insights and interpretation on our current digital environment in which cyberattacks have emerged as a major threat to businesses, individuals, and governments alike.

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Future of Data Security

Four leading Canadian cybersecurity experts investigate the security trends of tomorrow for enterprise executives to prepare today.

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Businesses Look to VPNs for Secure Data Protection

Virtual Private Network (VPN) services have grown in popularity with consumers for their ability to provide greater freedom online, and for businesses who can utilize the additional privacy to protect sensitive data.

How to Protect Against Today’s Feeding Frenzy of Cyber Attackers

With a keen ability to interpret industry trends and understand enterprise security demands, Robert Herjavec, Founder and CEO of Herjavec Group and Investor on ABC's Shark Tank, shares his expertise on how Canadian enterprises can secure their organizational data in today’s changing digital environment.